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Vietnamese street food (Street Food) is internationally described as being one of the healthiest kitchens due to its minimal use of oils as well as high demands on fresh ingredients. The kitchen is also known for mastering the balance between the sour, sweet and salty, which helps to create the most tasty dishes. Street Food is typically eaten on the go – standing or walking, and is always cozy and unpretentious. The dishes are ideal for a healthy and tasty quick lunch and can be enjoyed by everyone, whether you are a meat lover or a vegetarian.

At Hêllô Bánh Mì, it is not only our fresh and tasty food that has top priority, but it must also always be nice and fun to come and visit us! Our vision is to bring people closer together through good food and atmosphere and would like you to invite colleagues, family and friends down to a wonderful and authentic Vietnamese Street Food dining experience. The mission is quite simple; we only serve fresh and homemade dishes with lots of love and zest for life, just like it is done in Vietnam.

Hêllô Bánnh Mì is run on a daily basis by Cam Hang Pham, who was born in southern Vietnam and raised in the pulsating heart of the country; Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), where Street Food is an important and loving part of the population. Despite the fact that Vietnamese Street Food has only begun to boom in Denmark now, it has always been a big part of Cam’s upbringing, and she longs and remembers the warm and good times that Vietnamese street cuisine provides. These feelings are the driving force behind Hêllô Bánh Mì and we hope you will feel this too.

It is important for us to give our customers the feeling of what real Vietnamese Street Food food is, which is why we only use tasty family recipes delivered from generation to generation. We offer traditional, popular and “simple” dishes at affordable prices. Hêllô Bánnh Mì warmly welcomes you in our cozy “street cuisine” and looks forward to giving you a delicious bite of Vietnam!

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